From importing to creating demand, we develop comprehensive and innovative solutions for our international partners to succeed on the Brazilian pet market. Located in the state of São Paulo, FIDELIS focuses on three activities:
Pet care made easier

Food            Health             Behavior            Welness

FIDELIS PSA 2014 Video PSA 2014

Urine OFF, launched in Brazil in October 2013, is now sold in about 2000 stores.


Overseas Sourcing

We are looking for partners whose products or expertise bring progress to the Brazilian pet market. FIDELIS develops industrial solutions (processing, conditioning), adapt logistics and optimize taxes for our partners to access market at the lowest cost.

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Multichannel sales

We sell all over Brazil via three channels, Pet Shops, Pet Supermarkets and e-commerce. These channels allow our products to maximize their sales potential. This also allows us to develop flexible strategies based on products specificities.

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Operational Marketing

We create strong brands, differentiated to meet the Brazilian commercial reality. Our experience on the Brazilian pet market enable us to conceive coherent marketing strategy from the products’ choice to market launching.

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Walkin' Weels

We are now launching Walkin' Wheels in Brazil. This fully adjustable wheelchair for dogs is already number one in USA. We first presented it to the Brazilian pet market during Pet South America the sector's most important event. Veterinarians and other professional immediately perceived the improvements this products brings to the Brazilian pet market. We are starting distribution via our network all around Brazil. As the Walkin' Weels is a practical and innovative product we know it will change hundreds of dogs & owners' life. Visit our Walkin' Weels website.